CS373 Spring 2022 — Week 6 Blog, Joseph Muffoletto

This past week, I finished my distributed computing project, met with my advisors for my research, registered our server for Longhorn Racing, met with my group for our SWE project, and did some academic work for my org.

I am still working on my research for my game development professor. The code signing issues seem to be only for non-m1 MacBooks, so I am rather stumped.

Next week, I will be working on my Reinforcement Learning project, my RL reading assignment, getting SSL certifications/HTTPs for our SWE project, my roman history assignments, and my cyber-physical systems homework.

I thought it was quite interesting. I had read this paper for OOP two semesters ago, and I did not really understand it then. Now that I have done more work in OOP, I realize why the Open-Closed Principle is so valuable. Especially in a project which can benefit from inheritance (such as game development), the open-closed principle is great for maintaining many instances of the same base class.

I really enjoyed the content of these lectures. Functions as “first-class citizens” had never really made sense to me, and I felt like this was a great introduction to the functional programming side of Python.

I took some time to trim my plants, and they are already looking much better. I propagated most of my succulents, and I am excited to see how they will turn out.

Join Longhorn Racing Combustion. Our software team is always looking for more developers! Our current project is a telemetry server that allows team members to store and visualize data obtained from running the car. It is written on the MERN stack, so any experience in LHR will apply to SWE (and vice-versa).



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