CS373 Spring 2022: Joseph Muffoletto

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Clear Lake City to be more specific.

I attended Clear Lake High School.

Definitely orchestra. It was fun to make music at a high level, and my friends within the orchestra are still my closest to date (current roommates).

It was the most logical option. I wanted to do CS, and within Texas, UT is the best option. I also wanted to keep costs down for my family.

CS allows for an incredibly wide range of specialties and is also incredibly convenient as a hobby. There's game development, data science, robotics, machine learning, web development, operating systems, parallel computing, and much much more. Within these categories of computer science, each requires minimal overhead to experiment with. While other fields require physical objects and capital (especially engineering), computer science requires minimal prerequisites to get started. Finally, computer science has plenty of job opportunities, which is a great incentive to fend off any burnout.

I want to learn more about web development before I head into the workforce (and especially before my SDE internship this summer).

I want to come out of this course knowing how to create a full-stack web application.

I am very familiar with Python and have used it extensively in the past. I have built the backends for two web applications in Javascript (NodeJS), but I do not feel comfortable with asynchronous programming yet. My experience with SQL is fairly minimal, as I prefer to use NoSQL databases like MongoDB (easier to prototype). Finally, I have very very little experience with frontend development, so this is the weakness I would like to improve upon most in this course.

They were not bad. I took OOP previously, so I was familiar with the Docker lecture and the syllabus already.

I think its one of the strong points of this course. It really helps to keep me engaged in the distracting online format.

My girlfriend’s birthday went well, and she was very appreciative. It was stressful to organize, so I am glad it all paid off in the end.

Fireship is an excellent Youtube channel that produces videos about the current state of programming languages and web development. I particularly like their series “programming languages in 100 seconds”, where they give a brief, 100-second overview of a wide variety of programming languages. If you are interested, here is the link to their channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Fireship



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