CS 373 Spring 2022 — Week 8 Blog, Joseph Muffoletto

This past week was rather eventful. I had quite a few major assignments due, such as my project proposals for my grad courses (Reinforcement Learning and Systems Verification) and my distributed systems lab (which was much more difficult than the first). I was dealing with some personal issues, and I ended up spending many days away from my apartment with a flipped sleep schedule. Definitely glad to be going on break, now.

Definitely my research for the SAGA Lab. We are building a Unity application for Mac, which means that it needs to be signed using Apple’s development software. For some nebulous reason, the signed build does not work on the Intel machines and only works on M1’s. This project has been hanging over my head for a while, so my goal is to finish it over the break.

I will meet up with my group for SWE and continue working on the backend. I also need to set goals for our LHR combustion software team, as I have been a bit hands-off this past week.

I thought it was fairly interesting. It was definitely more difficult than the last to understand, but this could also be a side-effect of me reading it Sunday night.

Yield is the first Python feature covered in this course that I had not previously heard of. I had no idea this functionality existed, and initially thought it was similar to coroutines in C#. It was very interesting to learn about, and I would like to see more use cases for it in the future.

Yesterday, I took the entire day to catch up on sleep and do chores. It felt great to spend some time with myself and clean up my space.

TheSpaceDevs is a great resource for developers interested in making space-related applications. It has plenty of free APIs which I wish had known about before coming up with our initial RFP.



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